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One and Half Form Entry

How one and half form entry is an advantage

  • St George’s is a 1.5 form entry school – our PAN (published admission number) is 45 pupils per year.
  • The maximum class size in Foundation (Reception) and KS1 is 30 – therefore 45 becomes 1.5 full classes. 
  • We want to help you understand how a split year can work and the many benefits this can have to your child within our small community school

St George’s has two Reception classes, no class has more than 25 pupils.    This ensures a great start for the Early Years Foundation girls and boys whereupon:

  • the children are not so overwhelmed by the size of their class
  • a quieter environment is offered to the children.

As a consequence, the children settle in very well to a play/learning environment.

From Reception, children will then move into a Year 1 or a split Year 1 and Year 2 class and so forth  e.g.

Year 1 / Year 2 split class
At the end of the  Early Years Foundation Stage, we endeavour to look at both Reception classes as a whole (cohort).  

There are children who can be 11/12 months younger than the eldest in the class.   Therefore, as a rule of thumb it would be easy for us to use birth dates and put the oldest of Reception with the youngest of a new Year 1 class going up. 

However, as St George’s treats every child as an individual, we feel there are other factors which need to be considered to ensure a child’s suitability for their next stage class settings – for instance:

  • attainment
  • social needs
  • learning style
  • friendships
  • personalities
  • aspiring to other children 

Having the flexibility of a split class allows each class to be tailored taking some, or all of the above factors into consideration. 

We have found huge advantages, especially with friendships as children continually make new friends as they go through the school.  This is something that makes our school so special, and, often commented on as the children all know and respect each other from an early age.  Prospective parents visiting the school can visibly witness the friendships forged throughout the school. 

All pupils within the school, are taught according to their individual needs/ability and stage of development.  Each year group continues to follow their own curriculum within the class setting.  

Our aim is to provide the best possible education for every child  at every stage in their learning journey.

Should you wish to discuss the split year or have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will be able to make an appointment for you to meet a member of the St George’s team.